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I bloody hate predictive text. I also am not getting on with the Bluetooth keyboard. It nods off mid-post (okay, understandable you might say!) so I can delete things but not add to the post. the only solution so far is to switch off and ack on. Bloody annoying – argh!




San Francisco!

Yay – we’re here! We arrived on time – flight was looong – and met up with Adrian easily. BART were on strike yesterday so there were no trains from the airport but we got a taxi easily. We’re staying in the Italian area (North Beach – bloody miles from a beach!). Our apartment is on a steep hill so we’ll have thighs of steel after 5 days yomping up and down. There was considerable wheezing on our return journey last evening! The  streets nearby are lined with Italian restaurants, bars, ice-cream and coffee shops – dammit!! Had dinner on the edge of Washington Square where there is a lovely white church – apparently it’s where Marilyn Monroe married Joe di Maggio.

Slept well, but bin men woke me up about 4am – they do that everywhere don’t they?

Just having a coffee while we come to and decide what to do today.

Day 2 – Heathrow

Heathrow recorded the highest temperature in the UK yesterday (27 degrees) so it wasn’t such Sam shock to our systems! Bit chilly this am though!

Spent a very pleasant evening in an English pub beer garden, although I had pear cider. We scoffed down a plateful of fish and chips – very nice too. 

Amusingly, we had to sit in the shade as we had no sun screen and were worried we might burn! Ironic after two years of living in the Middle East. On the flight from Dubai we did admire several red faces and lobster-coloured arms of tourists mad enough to head to Dubai in June! None of them was in TOWIE or played football professionally as far as I could tell!


At last, the day has arrived. Here we are checked in at DXB enjoying brekkers in the Marhaba Lounge. I’m feeling all hi-tech using my new Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad!

Our flight connects in LHR to SFO. What we didnt realise is that means our bags are checked through so we overnight at the hotel with just our hand baggage. Just as well we packed basic toiletries and a change of clothers or we would have had an embarrassing need to open our bags in the check-in area for some clean pants! And I thought we were experienced travellers.

Looking forward to a pie and a pint in a British pub tonight!

Houston, we (don’t) have a problem.

It’s now just over 3 weeks until take-off and I discovered something about myself today. It appears I am officially a geek. I have come to this conclusion based on my reaction to booking a visit too NASA at Houston. I am ridiculously excited about seeing the original Mission Control! We’ve booked a VIP visit so we will see all sorts of tucked away places and go for lunch at the staffs canteen. Be nice to bump into Chris Hadfield (He recently left the space station). I am soooooooooo excited about this visit.

Alcatraz is also booked now, so our trip will certainly be packed with history and culture.

Just the 3 weeks of term to survive first.

Preparation, preparation, preparation…..

Something we teachers know a lot about! However, holiday prep is a lot more fun than lesson prepping! And boy, have we done some prep! Hours spent on the Internet looking for flight deals, the best car deal, most unique places to stay.

It’s 8 weeks until the end of term and therefore also 8 weeks until our big road trip. We’ve all been really busy at school, and pass like ships in the night (even the Other Half, whom I both live and work with!?)

We are a slightly odd group of travellers: 3 British teachers, based in the Middle East, consisting of a married couple and a single, straight guy, but we reckon it’ll be fun. Single Friend might change his mind once he’s spent a day in the car with me “navigating” and Other Half driving! We don’t argue much, but the car can be a flashpoint for our different views on what good driving constitutes.

We have laughed about whether we will be sick of the sight of each other after 6 weeks on the road. Let’s hope we’re still laughing at the end of the trip and there’s not a stoney silence! 

I’m not good with spontaneous so we’ve pretty much booked everything along the way, leaving only a few nights “open” so we can stay somewhere spur of the moment. I just hope we don’t end up having to stay at Bates’ Motel!